Dental implants are accessories, such as artificial roots, created to replace missing teeth or lost for any reason, capable of integrating to the point of living in a healthy and totally natural with the rest of the tissues of the mouth.

They are currently manufactured preferably chemically pure titanium and act as substitutes for dental roots. After being placed inside the maxilla or mandible they serve so that, once they are osseointegrated, give support to the new artificial teeth that will be attached to them.

Each implant, as we have already mentioned, acts as an artificial root on which the crown or dental prosthesis will settle and in it we can distinguish, like the natural tooth:

  • Implant fixation or dental implant (portion that is below the gum).
  • Transepithelial abutment (portion of the fixation that emerges in the mouth).
  • Crown or prosthesis (covering the pillar and is appreciable in the mouth).

What is the treatment with implants?

A previous study is carried out through direct examination, radiology, study models, diagnostic waxings and sometimes scan, then we proceed to the surgical phase.


The surgery can be performed in the consultation, with local anesthesia and perhaps with sedation if indicated. It is exceptional to have to perform it in a hospital, with general anesthesia and its corresponding income. Implant surgery, even the most complex, is characterized by its extreme softness, with minimal unpleasant sensations perceived by the patient.

The postoperative period is not painful. It is very important that in this postoperative phase follow all the instructions of your surgeon to the letter.

Preparation of the prosthesis and its placement

Sometimes it is possible to place the dental prosthesis immediately. In the same session, the patient’s teeth are extracted and the implants are placed . Within a few hours, fixed prostheses are placed on them.

In cases in which the quality and quantity of bone is not sufficient, we will resort to the traditional method of waiting for 2 to 6 months, and may in the meantime wear a temporary denture.

Periodic checks and maintenance

A correct daily brushing and go to periodic reviews is essential. The success of treatment (over the years) depends to a large extent on whether this point is met.

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